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Online Kundali Matching

Problems in career, trouble in love matters or difficulty in any sphere of life usually forces a person to visit a ‘pundit’ or ‘priest’. The priest usually prepares a detailed document called the Kundali or the Horoscope. This is prepared based on a few primary characteristics which include the date of birth, time of birth, […]

Free Online Kundali Matching : A peek into the future

Kundali or horoscope is prepared by almost all Indians following the Hindu religion and few from other religions as well. This old traditional method of understanding what life holds for us in the future, is gifted to the country by great Vedic astro-science experts. This science of understanding planet positions and their influence on human […]

Free Online Kundali Matching Services

Kundali is basically the birth profile of a parson. Prophecies and details about the family, marriage, wealth, prosperity and health of a person are enclosed in it. It is very important in all parts of the society of Hindus. Although the details in the Kundli are unfeasible and farfetched at times, cosmological calculations and planetary […]