Kundali Matching Software

It is important to understand the use and influence of Kundali in a person’s life. This detailed study of planetary position in the horoscope is important in the view of the ancient study of Vedic astrology. A Kundali report is usually made after consulting experts of this field. The study is usually done at the time of match making, for career purposes, at times of difficulty in love life, when a person faces financial or health concerns.

Kundali Matching Softwares:



Kundali is made after carefully scrutinizing a few details which include date of birth, time of birth, place of birth and in some cases even the name of the person. Kundali is mandatory for all astrological services including numerology, gem stone suggestion sessions, zodiac predictions to name a few.

Kundali matching at the time of marriage is a very common practice among Indians. Today people can use Kundali matching software for the same. This is done to understand the compatibility between two individuals based on their planetary positions. This procedure of matching horoscopes rests on a critical basis called ‘Guna’. The gunas are 8 in number and each one of them has a point attached to it. The summation of these points is 36 and a marriage alliance is only suggested when a minimum of 50 per cent of these gunas are compatible in the Kundali of the bride as well as the groom.

There are companies that provide Kundali matching software to help people find a suitable match for their marriageable sons or daughters. The use of this software has gone up drastically in the last few years. The unmatched convenience of this self-help kit is the reason for this sudden rise in sales. The in-depth scrutiny of the Kundali was traditionally done by priests or astrologers but now the changing environment has encouraged the use of technology.

Even now many people still prefer to visit an astrologer personally because of various factors such as privacy, personal service and trust. Personalization and query solving abilities still lie only with the experts of this domain. This has forced even the online space to advertise personal astrological consulting sessions on their websites.

Kundali or horoscope requires a lot of study and can be studied like a science. It is important for one to remember that this science and its knowledge can be misused by people as well. Hence, it becomes critical for every individual to beware of fraud astrologers and to consult only trusted horoscope consultants.

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