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Kundali matching free services are today available all across the internet space. The accessibility of the internet has



made it very easy for all in reaching out to astrologers across the globe. The web world has redefined astrological consultation. Almost all good astrologers have started using this medium to advertise and consult their clients.

This has helped the experts by letting them break the boundaries of nations and languages. The reach of an astrologer to a person in need has made a lot of people think of the revolutionizing effect of the web space. There are various reports apart from Kundali matching services that are available on the internet. These include tarot reading, feng shui consulting, numerology, vastu shastra consulting and zodiac horoscope to name a few.

Out of all the above mentioned astro-science services, compatibility determining reports are most popular. This traditional Indian method of finding the right life partner has conquered the online astrological universe. Every day the websites see people testing their compatibility with their partners.

Free Kundali Matching :

Kundali matching or Ashtakoot Milan is done by analyzing gunas, finding the horoscope doshas and suggesting methods for achieving marital bliss. The gunas and their relevance are as follows:

  • Varna: This Guna has been given one point. It shows the skills of a person and determines the mental compatibility between two individuals.
  • Vashya: This test has been assigned a maximum of two points. It shows the balance of power between the couple. It also helps in determining who out of the two would dominate in the relationship.
  • Tara: This Guna has a value of three and indicates the overall wellness of both the partners in a marriage.

  • Yoni: The test has a value of four points and determines the physical compatibility of a couple.
  • Graha Maitri: The test is given a maximum of five points and determines the synchronization between the outlook, objective and intellect of a couple.
  • Gana: This test has a value of six and decides on the compatibility level of temperaments.
  • Bhakut: the test is given a maximum of seven points and is crucial while determining the overall welfare of the couple.
  • Naadi: This Guna with eight points is indicative of the heredity factors of a couple.

Enjoy Kundali matching free of cost online and get to know more about your marital prospects, happiness and health with someone you are thinking of marrying. Ensure you have a happy future by investing nothing but your time.

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