Janam Kundali Matching

Janam Patri or Janam Kundali matching is a practice that has been an important step while fixing the marriage of two individuals who ideally belong to the Indian society. This is an ancient practice that has been passed on for generations. This methodology of finding a suitable match might seem to be regressive to a few modern minds but the sanctity of this procedure is still approved and believed by a large section of the society.

Janam Kundali Matching for Marriage:

Astrological compatibility or synastry according to Wikipedia is the study of relationships based on comparisons of the natal horoscope. This assessment is based on the distribution of different energies, their pattern and its influence on both

Janam Patri

Baby – Janam Patri

the charts of the boy as well as the girl. The scientific community of the world considers astrology as a pseudoscience with very little statistical proof.

The reason cited for the process of Janam Kundali matching is that it claims to have the ability to assure a healthy marriage. This assurance is usually provided by Kundali experts or astrologers after they study the planetary positions of the horoscopes of both the girl and the boy.

This science is said to analyze the gunas in the Kundali of the boy as well as the girl. There are 8 gunas in all which add up to a total of 36 points. The major gunas are Varna, Vashya, Graha Maitri, Naadi, Bhakoot, Gana, Dina and Yoni. The points assigned to these gunas are Varna has 1, Dina has 3, Graha Maitri has 5, Yoni has 4, Gana has 6, Bhakut has 7 and Naadi holds a maximum of 8 points.

Janam Kundali matching was traditionally only done by astrological experts but today this does not hold true. Online company websites provide the user an option of making as well as matching the horoscope. The availability of internet to all has ensured the success of these numerous websites across the cyber space.

Other than Kundali matching, these websites provide facilities like gem stone consulting, Vastu Shastra  and Feng Shui consultation for the house, numerological assistance for correcting the vibrations of a person’s name to its cater to its  growing client base. These sites also provide the option of customizing the horoscope based on the need of the client, that is, they have experts that provide tailor made Kundalis that are centered on an individual’s career, love, health, wealth, marriage or relationship.

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