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Horoscope matching is a popular practice world over and pre-dominantly in India. These services are available across the globe. Traditionally people used to only visit trusted family astrologers. They were also known as pundits and were treated like royalty. The scientific communities of the world consider astrology as a pseudo-science. Even after these kinds of opinions, the astrological science has not faded.

Matching Horoscope for Shaadi:

Horo Chakra

Horoscope Chakra

A horoscope is known as Kundali or Janam Patri in Hindi. It is usually made at the time of birth of a child. It is calculated by using particulars like name, date of birth, place of birth and time of birth of the child. This branch of Vedic Astrology is used by individuals to know the future details of their career, love life, relationships, health as well as wealth matters. This study is based on the understanding and decoding of the planetary positions at the time of child birth. It is guided by the lunar calendar solely.

Horoscope matching is usually carried out by the families of two individuals who wish to get their wards married. It is done by consulting a pundit or by just logging on to the internet. In today’s fast paced world, internet has become an answer to a large number of queries including those related to horoscopes. To match up to this change in trend, there are companies who have opened astrology websites online. These are usually formed by one or more astrologers who come together to provide astrological services to clients without worrying about issues such as distance.

Today individuals can log in and match horoscopes in just a click. The result of this online horoscope or Janam patri matching is given in the form of a report. This report contains the details of the gunas and also state whether they match or not. The gunas that are considered usually are Varna, Vashya, Graha Maitri, Gana, Naadi, Bhakut, Yoni and Tara. The total of these gunas is 36 points. When the total of these gunas after analyzing both the horoscopes is a minimum of 18, the marriage alliance is suggested.

In case one trusts this science, it is advised to consult a good website or a good astrologer when matching the Kundalis of two people. It is also important to be aware of frauds who try to fleece money from people by claiming to be expert pundits. Marriage is an important decision and one must be sure of all aspects before getting into this lifelong alliance.

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