Horoscope Matching Online

Horoscope matching online is a relatively latest practice that has attracted a number of people. The easy accessibility and reach of this medium has made it easier for people to make as well as match Kundalis. The horoscope of a person is ideally made at the time of his or her birth. This detailed analysis is done on the basis of planetary position at the time of child birth.

Horoscope Matching Online:

The particulars that are used to find these details include name, place of birth, date of birth as well as time of birth of the



child. This method of knowing the future is considered to be pseudo by the scientific communities of the globe. Even though there is no proof of this astrological science, a large section of the Indian society still believes in it.

In olden days, people who understood and practiced this field of study were treated like royalty. They were considered next to God and whatever they said was believed to be the word of the almighty. This practice has faded in the present days but even now many people across the globe consult astrologers for almost everything. There are households that refer to these astrological consultants for very minor problems as well.

The matching of Kundalis as per traditional methods is done by comparing 8 gunas. These gunas are assigned points that sum up to 36. The gunas and their points are Varna has 1, Yoni has 4, Gana has 6, Bhakut has 7, Dina has 3, Graha Maitri has 5 and Naadi has 8 points. A marriage is suggested only when the total of these gunas is a minimum of 18 that is 50 per cent.

Each Guna represents a particular characteristic which include mental compatibility, deciding on who is the dominating partner in the relationship, overall wellness, physical compatibility, synchronization in outlook, objective and intellectual levels, heredity factor as well as temperamental harmony between the two.

The online availability of match making tools is easy as well as cost effective for people. It is important to remember that this need can be misused by frauds. Hence it becomes categorically vital to know the genuineness of the consultant.

The other services that sites offering horoscope matching online may provide include Feng Shui and Vastu Shastra consultation. They also have experts for gem stone consulting. Another popular option that they offer comprise of providing customized reports on wealth, health, fame, fortune, relationships or career.

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