Horoscope Matching in Tamil

Horoscope matching is one of the most vital activities that take place before the marriage of two people in India. In the case of arranged marriages it has been seen that this is happens even before the bride and the groom decide to meet each other. The Kundali deciphers if two individuals are fit for the marriage alliance. The use of this matching is to find out if two people are compatible in the area of physicality, overall wellness, health, wealth and have the required mental compatibility.

Tamil Horoscope Matching:

The ideal horoscope report is one which is thoroughly studied and researched. It helps individual at the most important times of their lives especially when they are unwell, sad or have any other problems.

Horoscope matching has been one of the most researched areas of Vedic astrology. Experts of vedic astro-science not only match the Gunas but also analyze the report to find Doshas/problems if any. This Kundali matching procedure is done by studying the trends of the planets at the time of birth and thereafter.

An ideal report must contain the following:

  • The Guna Milan report
  • Detailed explanation of the horoscope study
  • The effect of Mars in both the horoscopes
  • The total number of Gun that are matching
  • Conclusion and astrological findings
  • Recommendations and remedies to Doshas or problems


The Guna Milan or Ashtakoot Milan report considers 8 gunas. These are varna, Vashya, gana, graha maitri, naadi, bhakut, dina and Yoni. The total of these gunas is 36 points. Out of these 36 points, it is important for 18 to match for a good marital association.

In today’s world it is vital to save as much time as possible. Every moment today is precious, making internet a very important convenience tool.  The ease and accessibility of this medium is unparalleled. Every business is now moving to the online platform and is trying to cater to all kinds of people. The physical or linguistic boundaries can now be handled without any problems. The presence of the horoscope matching websites is increasing day by day. Every site is trying to provide customized services to its clients through innovation.

Today horoscope matching in tamil, telegu, Bengali or any other language is available at the click of a button. Now, even distance between the needy and the astrologer is not a problem. These astrological websites even arrange for video conferencing astrological advising sessions for people who are sitting miles away. Technology has its boon and now the astro-science websites are trying to utilize its benefits to the fullest.

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