Free Online Kundali Matching : A peek into the future

Kundali or horoscope is prepared by almost all Indians following the Hindu religion and few from other religions as well. This old traditional method of understanding what life holds for us in the future, is gifted to the country by great Vedic astro-science experts. This science of understanding planet positions and their influence on human lives is considered very essential at the time of marriage. It is for this reason that services such as Free Online Kundali Matching are gaining popularity.

Kundali Milan or Ashtakoot Milan is a practice that is done to determine the compatibility and overall well-being of a married couple. This complex study of planets and the moon is done by experts who have studied this domain in detail. There are universities across the world that have now started courses in the field of astrology and have acknowledged the relevance of this sphere of influence.

Kundali Matching Online Free:

Pundit Ji at Shadi

Pundit Ji at Shaadi

Kundali Milan is done based on the eight gunas which include Naadi, Vashya, bhakoot, Varna, Dina, yoni, Gana and Graha Maitri. Each of these is assigned a point and the total of these gunas is 36. A marital alliance is only suggested to work when these two Kundalis have 18 or more guna points. Apart from this, the Kundali Milan method checks for Doshas and based on these the astrologer’s advice remedies. This complicated scientific approach need not be done only after visiting a priest or astrologer.

In today’s fast moving world, convenience is the only requirement. This has given way to the development of the option of free online Kundali matching. This service is available at all times and can be availed without wasting any time at all. The accessibility of the internet has become a boon for all the people who for any reason were not able to contact a good astrologer.

There are numerous websites across the web providing free online Kundali matching services. The procedure for attaining the Kundali is very simple. The user is required to fill in a few details like name, date of birth, time of birth and place of birth of the prospective bride as well as the groom. After which, the online Kundali matching software calculates the gunas and shows the user the result.

This platform also adds an additional feature that provides the user a broad analysis report. This information is definitely very general in nature and can only be used as a reference at the time of proper detailed analysis. Usually, the websites that provide you with this free software also give the option of consulting renowned astrologers of the world at the click of a button. Though, this service is paid it definitely helps in bringing the astro-science expert closer to the user.

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